Welcome to North Shore Archers


Established in mid-2005 to meet the need for Archery

facilities on the North Shore. Our mission is to

promote archery and make it easily accessible to

anyone. Archery is a family sport where Mom, Dad &

the Children can all join in.


North Shore Archers operate under the auspices of the

British Columbia Archery Association and the National

Coaching Certification Program. We have three BCAA

Trained Archery Instructors and welcome everyone to

join us in this noble sport.


What is Archery?


Archery demonstrates translation of energy and

projectile motion. Archery suits everybody, young and

old, males and females. To hit the ten with your arrow,

you need to, of course know the proper shooting

technique.  It does not require muscles. To do it right,

time after time, you need to be mentally firm, devoted

(like doing anything well), be very determined and

have lots of practice. While doing all these things, you

will learn about yourself,  and will help you to be

prepared to face new challenges.


Archery Instruction


Coaching course commences several times during the year at Brocton elementary School, please contact us for times and dates.


Course times Saturday Afternoons, 4:25pm - 5:30pm


More Info on classes.